We are counting down the days until we get our new laser

Geoff and Michael Laws tracking shipment of the new laser.

Hi Aaron,
We are counting down the days until we get our new laser.
German engineered, brand new and with all the latest
gadgets and able to do much more than the ones we have now.

The new multi tool laser/router is going to be the biggest one of its
type in Australia able to do both laser etching, routing and cutting
of plastics and wood up to 3m x 2m in size. That is seriously big!
All done on the one machine! Michael and I can’t wait to get our hands
on it to put it through its paces!

History is repeating itself, as we had the first operational
cutting laser in Australia built for us in 1984. That’s 31 years ago!

THIS IS IT… you can see what it can do for you by clicking
on the following Youtube links below.

We are tracking the progress of the container on-line.
Installation is starting on 15th September and we will have it
operational courtesy of the maker’s German engineers by mid-October.

This is Christmas come early for Michael and me, but I do understand
that not everyone gets excited about these boy’s toys and would like to know…


New opportunities and work capacity

Firstly this new beast is going to replace one of our old lasers
which is being retired. It is going to expand our production capacity
and allow us to handle a much wider range of materials and projects.
Quality, accuracy and finish will be outstanding and we will be able
to cut and etch virtually any material from stone to card.

Laser etching

Secondly, in addition to laser cutting, it can do laser etching
of almost any material including wood, stone and glass. The design
opportunities this feature provides are amazing. From an attribution
plaque, to the name of a building in granite, company logos and part
numbers in stainless steel, to unique personalised gifts.

Cutting ACM, PVC and other materials

Last but not least, the new machine has a built in router which will
allow us to cut ACM, PVC and other materials not suitable for a laser.
Lots of customers have asked us about this service and now we can do it.

And it’s HUGE!!!

As big as two queen size beds, side by side! It can cut, etch or router
material 3m x 2m in size on its platform.

Yes. We are excited by the possibilities offered by our new
big baby, but its success, like ours, will be based on providing the
service and quality of output demanded by our customers. If you have
a product or component that needs to be produced in Aluminum, Stainless
Steel, CorTen, Acrylics, Plastics, Timber, Polycarbonate, MDF, Brass
and Copper and now ACM and PVC. Just call us and we will do what we can
to help. Have a look at our website
, you would be
amazed at some of the things we produce for our customers.