Safety & Compliance Tags

Safety & compliance tags are one of our core product ranges at Laws Laser. We laser cut industry standard & custom designs for tags from various plastic and metal materials that conform to regulatory safety requirements.

Custom Safety & Compliance Tags

Our team at Laws Laser can design your custom safety and compliance tags or work with your pre-existing designs to produce high quality and durable tags. You can select from our tag template library or start with a new design, then with our guidance select the appropriate material type to use.

Safety & Compliance Tag Etching

Whether we are laser cutting your tags from designs or they are already manufactured and supplied to us, we can laser etch them with the information required. Our design team will work with you to ensure layout and data is accurate and legible to meet regulatory requirements.

Tag Materials We Laser Cut & Etch

Safety and compliance tags are generally metal or plastic depending on the environment in which they are used. Our four high tech lasers can cut and etch a wide variety of materials for your compliance tags. These include: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Acrylics, Plastics, Polycarbonate & Brass. For a full list, please see our capabilities.

Tag Output Size & Quantities

Our lasers are capable of handling material sheets in sizes up to 2000mm x 3000mm. Depending on the final size of your safety tag we can produce hundreds of tags from a single sheet. We have the ability to produce low quantities for speciality requirements and the capacity to produce large volumes.

Compliance & Safety Tags, Labels & Signs

At Laws Laser we have the ability to design, cut & etch a wide range of materials for safety tag and label usage. If you are looking for a new partner to produce these products on an on-going basis, contact us to discuss your specific requirements and our competitive pricing.

Types of tags, labels & plates

We can procure, manufacture, laser cut and etch signs, plates, labels and tags for any application. Some of the most common examples of these include:

  • Electrical Tags
  • Switchboard Labels
  • Control Panel Labels
  • Safety Inspection Tags
  • Compliance Plates & Tags
  • Control Plates
  • Danger Labels & Tags
  • Expiry Labels
  • General Instruction Plates

Industries we work with

At Laws Laser, we service many different industry sectors by supplying design and production of laser cut materials. Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Mining
  • Farming & Agriculture
  • Health
  • Electrical
  • Rescue & Emergency
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Aviation