Cutting Pre-Printed Material

In case you weren't aware our 3x2m laser/router combo is also equipped with a camera to capture registration marks. This enables us to accurately cut pre-printed material with great accuracy. This can be done on any material able to be cut by this machine including ACM, Acrylic, Timber, Textiles and much more. See the video [...]

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Featured in Houzz

Laser-Cut Focus: The Future of Design Is Here Discover how this laser technology can make almost any pattern a reality Congratulations! You were hand-picked by one of our writers to be featured in an editorial ideabook on the homepage of Houzz. See it here:      

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Our new laser is here

With a laser cut & etch and a router we can now cut ACM, PVC and other material not suitable for a laser. Add that to a large 3x2m bed and we're pretty excited to see it arrive and start experimenting!

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New Laser Coming Soon

We are counting down the days until we get our new laser. German engineered, brand new and with all the latest gadgets and able to do much more than the ones we have now. The new multi tool laser/router is going to be the biggest one of its type in Australia able to do both [...]

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