Cutting Pre-Printed Material

In case you weren't aware our 3x2m laser/router combo is also equipped with a camera to capture registration marks. This enables us to accurately cut pre-printed material with great accuracy. This can be done on any material able to be cut by this machine including ACM, Acrylic, Timber, Textiles and much more. See the video [...]

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Dead Puppet Society

Laws Laser have laser cut ply components for David Morton & Nicolas Paine of the Dead Puppets Society. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-05-13/come-inside-the-workshop-of-the-dead-puppets-society/7407284

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GEOFF AND MICHAEL INSPECTING BRUSHED ALUMINIUM ROUTERED ON THE EUROLASER. Hi Aaron, NEW LASER – HANDLING ALL THE CHALLENGES! In my e-newsletter before Christmas I asked for some challenging projects that would help us to learn more about our new Eurolaser. And we certainly got them! Michael and I are still trying to find out [...]

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Geoff and Michael Laws working with the new laser. Fine filigree screen on the new machine being laser cut for Michael Hill Jewellers. Over 2.8 kilometres of cutting distance per screen. Hi Aaron, NEW LASER ARRIVED – IT'S A BEAUTY! Our beautiful new laser was delivered in early October, assembled and tuned by the German [...]

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We are counting down the days until we get our new laser

Geoff and Michael Laws tracking shipment of the new laser. Hi Aaron, We are counting down the days until we get our new laser. German engineered, brand new and with all the latest gadgets and able to do much more than the ones we have now. The new multi tool laser/router is going to be [...]

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